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Ageless design with access in mind

A new mindset is changing the approach to bathroom design, and the focus is on making spaces easier for everyone to use. Whether it’s called Universal, Ageless, Aging-in-Place, or Accessible — it’s just smart construction.
Curbless showers, slip-resistant tiles, wider doorways, radiant floor heat, sensor lighting — all can be beautiful and functional for the long-term. (And we can do 3 of the 5 for you! 🙂 )
Let’s face it, we’re all getting older and staying in our current homes longer, so it just makes sense to incorporate smart design in renovations or as you plan for your next home. Purposeful design is smarter design, and new products have made it beautiful as well. As members of the Home Builders 50+ Council, we are constantly learning about new products and features that make spaces easier to live in.
This article from a recent Qualified Remodeler magazine has some good information on making your new bathroom safe, comfortable, and sanitary for years to come. Universal Bathroom Design- Qualified Remodeler