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5 million square feet and care with every inch


      We recently tried to calculate how much tile our company had installed in its 48 years in the ceramic tile industry. We came up with more than 5 million square feet, so, odds are that if you’ve spent much time in houses or businesses in Raleigh and the surrounding area, you’ve seen some of our work.
      We’ve worked in many residential neighborhoods, banks, churches, and office buildings, and most of our work is standing strong and beautiful. We’re proud of that, (though it may not be such a comfort to those who live with those ‘perfectly good’ pink or sky-blue tiles of the 70s. 😉  We’ve even seen one of our mud-set showers survive an area tornado when the house that surrounded it was obliterated.
     Tile is meant to last, and, on the residential side, we’ve no doubt installed more of it in our area than any other tile business around. However, quantity doesn’t really tell the story of our business. Others who install commercial tile could easily surpass our numbers with their malls and schools.
     Perhaps quality and technical proficiency set us apart more than volume? Our certified installers are among the most talented in the industry; our superintendents are passionate about the trade; our company leaders are on national boards and committees and help write the tile installation standards used throughout the world. We believe we are among the most capable and knowledgeable installation contractors in the country.
     But our story is not one sufficiently explained by quality either. I think the story of our business is better told by how our staff reacted to an unhappy customer on Thursday. She called us to task for something that went wrong on her job 10 years ago, and our staff reacted with the genuine concern of people who care about what they do. Her statements weren’t dismissed or excused, and the primary point of all the ensuing conversations was ‘how can we make this right now?’ Yes, 10 years later, it still matters to us!
     Most of us have been with the company more than 15 years, and we take our work and the satisfaction of our customers personally. Ours is a family business in that a family owns it, but ours is also a ‘family company’ in that each of us has a personal stake in every job, every customer, and every long-lasting installation.
     In today’s coupon-crazy, commodity-driven culture, it’s hard to know if businesses that care about their craft, their customers, and their people will survive. But it’s nice to know that when it comes to our company– quantity and quality are evenly matched with character.

Author: Neuse Tile Service

We are second generation, NC small business tile contractors dedicated to quality tile and stone installations. Since 1964, the Neuse Tile team has worked very hard to maintain the quality and integrity that have been crucial to our business' success in the Triangle area. Specialty construction trades have changed and evolved over the years, and our certified installers are truly talented craftsmen. We are proud of our work, and are committed to doing everything we can to promote the proper installation of ceramic tile, to satisfy our customers, and to run a viable business. We are honored by the trust our customers place in us and look forward to serving this area with high quality tile installations for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “5 million square feet and care with every inch

  1. At RWS Construction, we value to the same things as Neuse Tile. I look forward to many years of continued aasociation with them.

  2. Outclass! I would really like to appreciate your growth and success of your business. You guys had really achieved a great milestone. 5 Million square feet is really a huge amount of tiles. As being the part of Arlington tile I would like to wish you best of luck for the next milestone. Ceramic tiles have become very popular in the modern world and people are used to use it in their most of the areas in houses and business places and religious places too.

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