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Tips for remodeling your kitchen or bath

Your best return on investment for a home improvement comes from a kitchen or bath remodel, so these projects may be high on your priority list. As you plan the timing of your renovation, here are a few thoughts to consider:

In a kitchen renovation–
* No matter how tidy your contractor and subcontractors try to be, remodeling the nerve center of your home will be disruptive and involve extra cleaning in other areas of the house. Just go ahead and put take-out food into your project budget for the days your sink and stove are out of use.

* Think through how surfaces meet in your new kitchen – the sink edge at the counter top; the backsplash edge where the cabinets end and where light switches will be placed. New flooring should meet existing flooring without creating a trip hazard, and the new stove hood needs to be considered in relation to the height of the backsplash tile and its design.

* For ease of use and durability, select materials for your kitchen that will be easy to clean and long-lasting. This high-traffic area of your home needs durable finishes that are beautiful and functional.

In a bathroom remodel–

* Managing water to prevent penetration behind the finishes is key in a bathroom. Hire a general contractor whose subcontractors have the expertise to make sure your bathroom is a functioning feature of your home and not a future source of mold and deterioration.

* Coordinating trades people is key in a bathroom remodel because each step builds on the last. Be sure to select all your fixtures, tile, vanities, lights, and accessories BEFORE you start the process, so you don’t encounter unnecessary delays. A good remodeling contractor will manage this process for you and save you many headaches.

* Material that is easy to maintain is really important in a bathroom. Each finish you select should be well-suited to your lifestyle and cleaning regimen. If you choose the right tile and fixtures, you won’t have to constantly seal or use harsh chemicals and cleaners to keep them looking their best.

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