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20-year tile install — and counting

20-years ago we installed this customer’s tile — today she called to have us ‘spruce it up’ with a deep cleaning. Yesterday, it was a customer from 15-years ago.

Savvy shoppers look at the $0.33 per square foot per year cost of tile when considering materials to use in their projects.* When you’re considering the cost of floor covering choices ask: Will it last? Is it going to be a source of aggravation 2 years from now, or a ‘fixture’ for the next 20 years? How easy is it to maintain? Will you be able to find the contractor if you need them in the future?

When the up-front cost is spread over the life of the material, tile installed correctly has the lowest cost of any other flooring material. Sheet vinyl’s per year cost is $1.39, carpet’s is $1.08, and man-made hardwood is $$0.74 per year.

*See more results from the Scharf-Godfrey construction cost study at

(Of course, we’re glad to hear from our customers more often than once every 20 years, but it’s nice to know they’re choosing to update their floors instead of ‘having’ to.)