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To Seal Grout or Not to Seal?

Applying a high quality sealant to your tile’s grout can be an extra layer of stain-fighting protection, but you’ll need to know your products to see if it’s necessary in your installation.

— Traditional cement-based grouts benefit from a topical sealant which keeps stains on the surface rather than allowing them to penetrate;

— Many of today’s grouts add stain-resisters to the base grout powder, and an additional sealant would be redundant;

— Additives can add stain-resistance to the water used to mix grout as it is installed;

— Some grouts are specifically formulated to resist stains and bacterial growth.

A knowledgeable tile installation company can explain the range of grout and sealant options for your job and assist you in selecting the right product.

— Other sealant notes:

Natural stones installed by Neuse Tile are sealed before arrival on a job site because their innate porosity can cause them absorb pigment from setting materials and grout. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles do not need to be sealed because of the protective glaze already fired onto surfaces.

Before applying a topical sealant to cement-based grout, allow the grout to completely cure — at least two weeks after initial installation. Don’t take chances with this permanent investment in your home.

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CEU ready to run tile

Large Format Tiles, Glass Tile and Mosaics, Membranes, Backerboards, and Shower and Moisture — all 6 presentations have been registered with AIA, and Neuse Tile is available to present to Architects or other interested groups in the Triangle area.

Because we are 5-Star Contractors, the National Tile Contractors Association has made the presentations available for us to use locally as we assist the building community in solidifying their knowledge of tile and in obtaining CEUs they may need each year.

As your local contact in tile and stone installation, Neuse Tile wants to be the first call for all things tile — for industry professionals and homeowners alike.