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Tile over tile – affordable alternative

Less down-time for building owners and occupants, less dust, less noise, and reduced demolition costs can be achieved by installing new tile over existing, well-bonded tile.
When existing tile needs an update or ‘facelift’ and is not cracking or chipping, it can often be overhauled with a completely new look by running tile on top of the existing tile. Even with the additional preparation needed, the savings realized by excluding demolition and removal of the existing tile in a commercial installation can be 2/3 the cost of a traditional demo and removal.
This cost-saving alternative involves consideration of: the height increase of transitions into the tiled area (generally, an increase by the thickness of the new tile); any ‘cap’ or trim pieces that may have to be transitioned in a different way; and the capability of the tile installers.
When the work is performed with expertise, the end result can be a beautiful, and more affordable alternative.

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Cleaning/ preventing grout mildew

Bleach-based cleaners will kill mold and mildew (temporarily) but they will also kill your grout. Over time, these harsh products will turn your grout to chalk, and it will wash out little by little.

The best defense against mildew is prevention! Increase the ventilation in the room. Leave the shower door open after you bathe. Let the exhaust fan run at least 20-30 minutes after use. Open a window. The next best weapon is a squeegee. Run it over your tile before you step out of the shower to eliminate water hanging around inviting the mold and mildew spores to take root.

The best cleaners for tile and grout have a Neutral PH. That means it is neither too acidic or too alkaline and will not harm your tile or grout. Some of our favorites are sold by Aqua Mix: Aqua Mix Products

Sealing your tile and grout may also help. Check out the sealers at TEC Products. These water-based sealers allow moisture and air out but none in, helping starve mold and mildew. Or take the extra step to eliminate future growth altogether with new antimicrobial SHIELD. Check out
You can always contact Leigh in our service department for more details!