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A safer shower

Unexpected finds in a recent study by Moen:

— 1 in 5 children report taking a bath or shower away from home at least three times per week. Many are in middle and high school and shower before and after school activities. This has implications for clean, so we’re looking at antimicrobial applications that might make these away-from-home experiences safer for our kids. Check out and let us know what you think of this revolutionary approach to clean.

— Children spend about 25-35 minutes lathering up and playing in the tub and 16 minutes in the shower. The average adult spends 13 minutes. This has implications for water usage, and for how important the bathrooms of tomorrow will be for these future consumers.

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Another satisfied customer

We got a great e-mail from a happy customer today. Those are really special because people so rarely take the time to say ‘well done’ any more. Of course, we consider a good job to be the baseline expectation for our crews, but it’s really nice when someone takes the time to say that they appreciate our work.

Because we’re doing so much more remodeling work these days, we are slowing down our processes and taking the time to try and hear what customers need. What we’re hearing a lot is that customers need to know who they can trust.

Once we have established a relationship with those we serve, we find them coming back to ask for referrals for all kinds of construction projects. Of course, we’re glad to share the names of those we’ve come to trust. It’s nice to know that you might have been able to help with someone’s tile, and that you’ve also given them a contact that will treat them with respect in regard to their plumbing, painting, siding, etc. as well.

Sometimes we think it’s all about tile, but it’s really about the people we serve and employ.

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Tile is The ‘natural’ choice

Created from a natural material, emitting no volatile organic compounds, easily cleaned with plain water, and recycled as inert matter — tile is an honest choice in the ‘greening’ of today’s building market.

There is energy used in firing and transporting tile, but today’s manufacturers recycle the energy used in their processes, and there are tile manufacturers within 500 miles of the Triangle.  Tile and stone are also among the most cost-efficient materials because you won’t have to replace them in 5 years when other flooring would be starting to wear thin.

Think ‘natural’; think long-term; think tile.

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Tie-dyed tile? Marketing craftsmanship

In reading an article on the Grateful Dead’s expertise in contrarian marketing, we were thinking about things that set us apart.

Like the Grateful Dead, we’re very good at what we do, and we have some pretty loyal fans. But, to be different in our industry, we don’t have to encourage free trade and promote live events.

What we have to do is honor what we say, provide quality work, stand behind our craftsmanship, pay our bills, and treat people with respect. It’s a sad commentary on the current construction industry, that our long-time family business practices are such a differentiator.

We wish for a return to the time when ‘doing it right’ was the norm, and you had to wear tie-dye and create a ‘fan experience’ to be “different.”

Article by David Meerman Scott in Building Women, Winter 2011.